Creative engineering and design, integrated project management based on a functional approach to machine and equipment supply



In CETA, projects are planned according to the client’s requests, needs and conditions, and are applied by optimizing quality and cost criteria, monitored according to the requirements of international standards, and the experiences gained are transferred to the next project.

Management teams are set up at headquarters and the worksite according to the project scope. While the headquarters team organizes design and engineering, supply and transport, the worksite team carries out the field fabrication and assembly work. All the work is inspected by control engineers according to the project quality plan prepared in line with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

CETA design and engineering team consists of members experienced in different fields and services rendered include general layout, equipment layout, steel construction, piping systems and fabrication drawings. Projects are designed in 2D or 3D utilizing applicable software. The team prepares operation and maintenance manuels, lubrication instructions, and spare part lists.

As a result of design and engineering work, necessary machines and equipment are selected. Machines are manufactured by CETA or its subcontractors on project basis or purchased from approved suppliers according to the requirements and technical specifications of the project.