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Refratechnik GmbH, the undisputed world leader

Refratechnik GmbH is one of the biggest German manufacturers of refractory products for the cement, lime and steel industry and they are the market leader for refractories in the world cement industry. It develops products, refractory lining concepts and structures that are easier to apply and more environment-friendly.


FCT, surprising results in combustion, revolutionary methods in mineral analysis

FCT is a global supplier of leading edge equipment and services to the cement and mineral processing industries. Established in 1984, the group comprises the following two wholly owned subsidiary companies: FCT-Combustion is a specialist combustion and process engineering company that applies its expertise to the optimization and improvement of high temperature manufacturing processes. It is a designer and supplier of quality combustion systems and also provides consultancy services for problem resolution on existing plant or design assistance with new or modified plant. FCT ACTech manufactures and supplies the revolutionary Continuous On-Stream Mineral Analyser, or COSMA. COSMA is an on-line X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyser, which reports continuously the quantitative composition of crystalline phases in dry material passing through the instrument.


Vega, long lasting, time resistant casting products

Vega Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIA Engineering, exclusively supplying its high chromium wear, corrosion and abrasion resistant castings used in the cement, mining and thermal power generation industries, providing customer support and technical services to customers from its offices worldwide. Vega’s philosophy is to provide customers with optimized solutions through technical evaluation of their requirements, thereby providing specifically designed solutions in ideal metallurgy for the application, plus offering process optimization services worldwide.

Phiillips Kiln Services Europe

Phillips Kiln Services Europe, the perfect system in alignment analysis

Phillips Kiln Services Europe uses its patented technology and equipment to analyse the alignment of rotary kilns, dryers and similar systems and also renders services in necessary alignments and tyre – roller resurfacing by grinding. After completing the alignment analysis of the system, Phillips submits a detailed report to the client about the current mechanical alignment of the system and establishes a system to make the necessary alignments in-house.