Combining attention to detail with experience in construction



Ceta has more than 30 of years experience in mechanical installation services. We carry out complete scope of erection works in an industrial construction project including installation of mechanical equipment, steel constructions, and sheet plates constructions such as silos, stacks and ducts.

We have experienced staff, a variety of modern tools and a wide selection of heavy equipment. We offer a wide range of mechanical erection services from delicate instruments to large factories.

Our tower cranes, mobile cranes, truck cranes, forklifts, and other lifting equipment are regularly checked for compliance with regulations, and are certified. Personal protective equipment meet international norms and occupational health and safety standards. We own a large selection of camp facilities including dormitories, office buildings and workshops, thus we are able to mobilize very quickly.

Construction works are lengthy and resource consuming activities; however with planned, predictable and coordinated project management, CETA completes projects seamlessly and on time and decreases the duration of the commissioning period.